The Top Ten Burning Issues in Digital

Back on December 19, I had the privilege of moderating the annual Digital Collective meeting in New York. The Collective is a regionally driven peer-to-peer exchange that facilitates best practices and fuels new and meaningful relationships among digital marketers.

To kick off the meeting I reviewed what I consider to be the top ten “burning issues” in digital, based on what we at comScore have observed while providing data and analytics to more than 2,000 companies around the world. I thought they would be of interest to readers of the comScore blog. These issues will also form the basis of my comments at the New Media Expo on Tuesday January 8.

Here are my top ten burning issues in digital:

In this post, I’ll examine these issues in detail and provide some perspective on the pros and cons surrounding each in order to help marketers better understand the rapid changes being driven by digital. This knowledge is so important in today’s Brave New Digital World because the Internet forces “change without mercy.” I like to say: “The Internet giveth but it also taketh away.”


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